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  • Low thickness, no subcutaneous protrusion
  • Owing to its design, allows for a diverging orientation of the sacral pedicular screws
  • 1st pedicular screw oriented 10° inwards
  • 2nd screw oriented 20° outwards, thus optimizing the sacral purchase by opposing pull-out forces.
  • 2 plugs screwed inside the plate orifices prevent the back motion of the sacral screws.



  • Easy implantation onto the pedicular screw in position.
  • Implant/rod linkage quality = guarantees a perfect stability of the assemblies.

  • Sacral anchoring of the block is ensured by sacral pedicular screws only.
  • The rod must cover the distal screw in order to prevent the latter from moving backwards.


Transiliac connectors:

Iliac/lumbar vertebra connection device.

  • Transiliac anchoring connector fitted with an anti-pull out plug.
  • The orientation of the screws must be defined and optimized in relation with the pull out stresses and as a function of the assembly made.


AZUR Advantages :

  • Designers : internationally reknown
  • Broad range of implants
  • Enables implantation from occiput to sacrum
  • Transiliac system:
  • Unique. Ideal for tumoral pathologies when the sacral tumor prevents anchorage onto the sacrum.
  • Vertebral metastases. Vincent Pointillart.
  • DTT : Easiest installation system on the market.
  • Raised IH : Facilitates the installation of the rod if there is a ‘’step’’.

P.E.A.C.E Cervical plates

Principle :

  • Fixation by means of screws of a plate on the anterior face of the vertebral bodies
  • corrects the segmentary instability
  • osteosynthesis

Description :

  • P.E.A.C.E. = Euros Ergonomic Anterior Cervical
    Plate Euros
  • Unicortical screw fixation with 10° screw
  • Screw anti-pullout system Biocompatibility
  • MRI compatibilityMRI
  • Adaptability to the morphological segment
  • Good visualization and narrow plate
  • minimal thickness
  • Easily dismantable

  • 2 screw diameters : 3.5 and 4
  • Broad range of plate lengths
  • Smart anti-backslide clip that facilitates
  • the installation of the implant


AZUR anterior system :

  • Corporeal screw: 6.2 mm
  • Length: 40 mm


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